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Are you a business owner or web developer who manages your own Linux server? Do you have other, more valuable, things that you could be doing? Do you want an expert sysadmin you can trust, that doesn't cost a fortune?

Opsist is your trusted expert. With Opsist, you have access to experienced Linux sysadmins to do your system maintenance and take care of all the little things. Whether you have leased or co-located physical servers, VPSes, or cloud instances, we can save you time and frustration by dealing with all of the little problems.

Some of the things we can do for you include:

General Troubleshooting

Many seemingly impossible problems can be easily fixed by an experienced professional. Let us run that problem to ground for you, rather than you spending hours of your valuable time on it.

Setup New Sites

We'll create the user account, write the webserver configuration, install any standard CMS, and make sure everything is working, ready for you to drop in your content.

Manage Firewall Rules

Tweaking a server's firewall can be fraught with hidden dangers. Why not let the experts take care of it for you?

Configure SSL

The Internet is going encrypted. Don't be left behind. We can order and install an SSL certificate for your website, with a secure and high-performance configuration.

Install Security Patches

There is nothing more important for keeping your server secure than regularly installing vendor-provided security fixes. We'll make sure your system is kept patched.

Find Disk Hogs

Has your server's hard drive filled up, but you don't know why? We'll find where the problem is, and make recommendations on how to solve the problem.

What does "Unlimited" mean?

You can submit as many requests as you like, as long as each one is something we can take care of in less than half an hour. You are able to have as many requests in progress at once as your plan provides.

Still got questions? We've got answers!

Sounds Great. What Does It Cost?

We have a number of plans to suit different needs.

One-off Casual Hard-Core Enterprise









Turn-around time Standard Priority Standard Priority High Priority 24 hours Guaranteed
Concurrent requests 1 1 1 3
Servers managed 1 1 2 5
Daily off-site backups
Terminal session logs
Money-back guarantee
No lock-in contracts
Yes please! Sounds good! I'll take it! Sign me up!

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Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer, Founder

Matt has over a decade's experience creating and managing Linux systems, from small businesses to large-scale Internet properties such as